Inflatable Lounger For Camping

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Inflatable Lounger For Camping

Warm weather is coming and that means spending plenty of time outdoors. Whether you're doing more camping, lounging around the beach, or simply hanging out at music festivals, you'll need something to sit and lie on during those times you're just chilling on the sidelines.
And while lounge chairs, hammocks, and similar outdoor gear should do the trick, the Hangout offers what might be a more interesting alternative.
Designed for ease of use, the inflatable lounger packs into a compact bag when not in use, making it easy to strap onto your backpack or carry on its own.

Enjoy it at the beach
With our Inflatable Hangout Lounger/Sleeping Air Bag, you will be the focus at the beach, as
you would find out: all others eager for one piece of Sleeping Air Bag like yours.
Take all your family and enjoy the time outdoors.
Our Sleeping Air Bag is a very good company for you.
1. You can lay it down on the ground or grass as blanket and put all your staff on it.
2. It can be your chair so that you don't have to sit down on the ground or grass.
3. It can be your bed to enjoy a nap outside with nature.

Enjoy it at home
Simply fill it with air, it if your chair, it is your sofa, it is your bed.
If you don't need it, just let the air go and fold the bag and put it away, it would not take your place at all.
As a chair, it is much softer than normal one.
As a sofa, it is a good place for kids' playing
As a bed, just sleep your different dreams...

Un-Inflated size:8.7x14x4.7 inches in little bag
Inflated size:80.7*27.6*21.7inches
External: polyester dacron
Interior: PV
Max Loading Weight: 200KG(440LB) 
 This fits your . 
  •  Perfect Craft: This Inflatable Couch was made by external Dacron polyester and internal PV membrane, Waterproof for the pool with our highest quality Ripstop dacron. We use the best materials to give you maximum comfort and durability, it can bear 350-440lb that means 2-3 people sit on it at the same time. 
  •  Portable Design: The biggest advantage of this product is portable design.It is only 2.6lb.You can put it in the buggy bag and take it to anywhere you like. 
  •  Easy Use: Take it out and open the bag against the wind. Then the wind would be placed in and it is filled with air soon.It is only several seconds from unfolding to enjoying it 
  •  Multiple Uses: When you go for camping,out door BBQ,or beach swimming,any other outdoor activities,it must be your first choice of couch or sleeping bag.It is light,space saving. 
  •  Ergonomic Design: Stuff with air, made by Nylon material help you feel more comfortable after sit or lying on it. Making the darn thing feel like a non -swaying hammock.